Building Trust – The Bedrock of Team and Mission Success

According to surveys, only 1% of responding managers and employees said retreats and team-building are the most effective ways to build trust, and only 4% said thanking the team and giving recognition was most effective. So how can leaders build trust in organizations?

Making Life Meaningful, One Story At A Time

We believe that stories inspire, resources equip and relationships empower. If we help people develop meaningful connections based on shared stories, we move them towards meaningful actions that will improve our communities, countries and world—one story at a time. 

The Ultimate Team-building Platform Helps Leaders Inspire

Leaders go first — well, good ones do — so to ensure your team learns about your mission, your purpose or your intentions, start by telling your most meaningful story. Our goal is to help leaders INSPIRE people by connecting their employees to more meaningful work experience.

What is Strategic Storytelling – How to Write a Strategic Story

The REV platform utilizes strategic storytelling to inspire meaning and create connections.  What exactly is strategic storytelling? We know humans connect through stories.  A good story can increase cortisol levels, strengthening our ability to concentrate, and oxytocin, making us feel we can trust and bond with the storyteller…

The Define Your Tribe Worksheet

Why are you creating a TRIBAL Tribe? (Define your motivation or goal for creating your Tribal Tribe. What do you have to offer the world or your team or your community that they need?)

TRIBAL’s Community Strategy Guide – Part 2

You are ready to embark on your own TRIBAL Journey.  We will help you get started, and support you every step of the way with tools and resources to build your own, unique, and powerful tribe. Just follow these five steps to build your Tribe, and continue to support it as it grows.

TRIBAL’s Community Strategy Guide – Part 1

Welcome to TRIBAL – we are so glad you are here! This is your definitive “how-to” resource to guide you through defining, creating, launching and supporting your own thriving tribe.  This guide is divided into 4 parts, with links below to help you navigate between them. First, let us answer some of your frequently asked questions. The ultimate goal of TRIBAL is to build relationships that empower.  TRIBAL’s features include a host of resources to help you build inclusive teams. My TRIBE  and Groups features allow employees to connect with mentors, friends, and coaches in the digital space, creating a path for deeper, face-to-face conversations later.

Rachael Jackson featured on Mindfulness Mode Podcast

In the episode titled “Building Relationships with the Tribal App; Rachael Jackson”, Bruce Langford, the host of Mindfulness Mode, interviews Rachel Jackson, an Army veteran and Apache helicopter pilot. Who has now channeled her passion for leadership and entrepreneurship into the TRIBAL App, an innovative tool that helps leaders build intentional communities.

General Joe Anderson joins REV’s Advisory Board

REV announces Ret U.S. Army Lieutenant General Joe Anderson has joined our Advisory Board. Today’s active duty and veterans face challenges and concerns to include mental health and well-being, education, transition, post-service employment and family support; the REV app is designed to help veterans connect with one another and with mentors to provide hope, help and purpose in overcoming these challenges.

TRIBAL is NOT Facebook. How We Are Different

Social media networks, and especially Facebook, are a catch-all for all the content the world wide web has to offer. TRIBAL is committed to authentic and meaningful story-sharing that leads to deeper, more supportive relationships.