In TRIBAL’s Community Strategy Guide we outline the approach that will help you develop a successful Tribe. For leaders who want to go deeper, use this worksheet to “Define Your Tribe.”


  1. Why are you creating a Tribe? (Define your motivation or goal for creating your Tribe. What do you have to offer the world or your team or your community that they need?)


  1. Who is your audience, group, family, team? (Define your ideal members first, those people who will help create influence and participation, then define your hardest to reach members too.)


  1. Who are the leaders of your Tribe? (Who will your Tribe look to for guidance? Who will support YOU in building and launching the Tribe? Who will support its ongoing success?)


  1. What is my community’s collective passion? (What might motivate your community members to participate?  What common goals do you share? What passion can you tap into with storytelling?)


  1. What impact will your Tribe have in your community? (What is your value proposition for creating your Tribe?  What do you hope to accomplish?  How will you know you are on the right track?)


  1. What topics will be most relevant to your Tribe? (TRIBAL provides all Tribe members with a profile they can customize, which includes selecting topics to follow they find relevant and meaningful. What topics do you think will be of interest to your Tribe members?)


  1. Does your Tribe have unique rules, brand considerations or behavioral standards? (What are your participation expectations for Tribe members? What standards will you set to guide effective communication and storytelling? ) 


  1. If people within your Tribe don’t respect the rules, how will you respond? (Be firm. These rules are for the benefit of the community to ensure everyone is working toward the same mission!)