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TRIBAL Is NOT Facebook (or Twitter, or Tik Tok, or LinkedIn, or any of the others…) TRIBAL respects and understands that many social platforms, including Facebook, have a place in the world and are embedded in today’s culture. We neither intend to slander nor compete with these sites. TRIBAL is NOT Facebook by design. Our mission to offer hope, help and purpose requires us to do things differently and offer a platform for good. We hope you agree. 

How We Are Different


TRIBAL is Safe, Private, Yours (It’s Invitation-Only)

  • TRIBAL is a safe, trusted, private network.
  • Facebook is not safe, not trusted and not private.
    • Facebook compiles, sells and utilizes your data (activities, locations, keywords, preferences, etc.) to achieve their profit-driven advertising and revenue goals. Your data has belonged to them since they launched, and years of collected insights have been resold to organizations across the globe to manipulate the content you see in your feed. 
    • The Facebook platform and personal feeds are also highly susceptible to bots, hackers and infiltration by high-level organizations and governments to influence opinion. Despite efforts by Facebook to counteract these entities, there are known and ongoing risks.
  • TRIBAL guarantees your data is yours. 
    • Tribes are exclusive and open only by invitation, so your Tribe is private. Your Tribe-related content, conversations and profiles can only be viewed by others in your Tribe. 
    • General usage and access data — such as number of users within a Tribe, the number of stories read, and/or what content is most popular — are provided to Tribe leaders to help support your Tribe and understand their participation to ensure the creation of meaningful content and reach. Individual user data is never shared.
  • Personal information on Facebook is also public and searchable (on Google, Bing or other search sites) depending on the groups settings, along with individual user settings. This searchability/findability of content across search sites often impacts people’s desire to share authentic, private or sensitive content (even if it could be highly beneficial to the group) out of fear it might come up in future job searches, be used as public record, or used to create public discord among others who agree/disagree. 
  • TRIBAL’s private environment ensures people can share meaningful, personal stories in a safe space. 


Quiet the Noise, Escape the Ads, Politics and Nonsense

  • On Facebook, your notifications and group activity get lost in the noise of ads, other events, feeds from other sources, and the inability to set notifications tailored to only one group feed or another. 
  • TRIBAL is committed to helping you get and keep the attention of your Tribe to help achieve your Tribe goals.
  • TRIBAL notifications focus on alerting users when new stories, discussions or announcements are posted, so your Tribe can stay-in-the-know on what’s meaningful.
  • TRIBAL will never have ads — your Tribe is an ad-free / noise-free zone.


Committed to Supportive, Positive, Meaningful Content

  • TRIBAL is committed to authentic and meaningful story-sharing that leads to deeper, more supportive relationships, so the platform and the usage guides help direct Tribe leaders and participants to share stories and content that are meaningful to the Tribe. 
  • Social media networks, and especially Facebook, are a catch-all for all the content the world wide web has to offer. Bullying, violence, politics and opinions at times dominate the content. 
  • TRIBAL’s mission is to provide hope, help and purpose to our Tribes, so the content is intentionally free of mainstream noise and nonsense.
  • TRIBAL believes (and research validates) that when communities are trying to inspire deeper connections and authentic relationships, it’s important to get people out of the inherent toxicity of a social network. Tribes are where your people should come to check in and feel connected, rather than to check out and be entertained.
  • TRIBAL also provides content — including TRIBAL Originals and Premium Support — to enhance the content in your Tribe. This ensures a robust collection of content and resources are available.
  • Facebook has a feature called “Facebook Stories” that may appear to be similar to TRIBAL’s focus on storytelling, but these features have nothing in common. Facebook’s stories are brief, live video feeds an individual creates to share a media version of a post, rather than a still image or text update. TRIBAL’s stories are strategic, enriching, personal, meaningful and curated. Again, TRIBAL is a no-noise zone.


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