About the Podcast: In the episode titled “Building Relationships with the Tribal App: Rachael Jackson,” Bruce Langford, the host of Mindfulness Mode, interviews Rachael Jackson, an Army veteran, former Apache helicopter pilot and founder and CEO of TRIBAL. Rachel has channeled her passion for leadership and entrepreneurship into the TRIBAL App, an innovative tool that helps leaders build intentional communities. Rachael’s vision for TRIBAL is to connect people in meaningful, mindful ways that promote organizational success. The Mindfulness Mode podcast provides helpful advice and timely insights from a broad range of business experts, covering everything from winning the interview, staying in the moment under stress, and using mindfulness skills to increase earnings.


What’s unique about TRIBAL? 

“TRIBAL is unique among social media apps because it provides more than a surface-level connection or pure entertainment. TRIBAL is striving to be a meaningful network focused on a more mindful user experience. TRIBAL offers quality content that allows Tribes to be group-forward and leader-led. TRIBAL content is curated to ensure personal, relevant stories are highlighted to meet users where they are with their lives and inspire them to tell their stories.”

How do I start a Tribe? 

“To start a Tribe, all a leader has to do is sign up and then invite up to ten users for free on a secure private network. Having the guarantee of your system, without ads, with your logo, where you can begin to grow your Tribe, leads to a 95% retention rate with users who have signed up, and an 80% retention rate within the individual tribes week-to-week. Capturing and keeping people’s attention with the TRIBAL app allows us to point and guide users to resources they may need, partners to connect with, and the tools to successfully build a workplace environment where people want to continue to work.”

Why does the story matter? 

“The power of a story is limitless. The connections that get made, the friendships that blossom, the support that you find when you tell your account is not something that you can put a price tag on. If Tribal can be even a small part of the story, the life, and community of a company, then we have reached our goal. There are hundreds of leaders all over the globe who want to continue to grow their communities, use the right resources, and provide the tools of success for their employees to tell their stories of hope, their stories help, and their stories of purpose. That is precisely what Tribal is here to do.”

Mindfulness Mode is your go-to podcast to increase workplace success. The TRIBAL app is your tool to spread the good news, tell the stories that matter, and make connections lasting a lifetime. Want to learn more?  Listen to the full podcast here: https://mindfulnessmode.com/building-relationships-with-the-tribal-app-rachael-jackson/