Our goal is to help leaders INSPIRE people by connecting their employees to more meaningful work experience.

What is REV?

REV is the ultimate Team-building platform, crafted for leaders who want to inspire their people and develop a meaningful workplace full of care, community and cause.

How do we help leaders INSPIRE people?

We believe that meaning at work is found in care, community and cause.

  1. Care — the knowledge that your leaders and others in the company know you, care about you, and are willing to help you out if need be.
  2. Community — the sense that you are surrounded by a community of workers who are all aligned with your same goals, building a shared sense of camaraderie.
  3. Cause — the belief that you and those around you are participating in something bigger than just yourselves.

REV builds a sense of meaning in work — helping people know that they’re cared for, empowering them with community and connecting them to a greater cause — through the following three pillars:

  1. Connect
    • We connect people in meaningful relationships — starting with digital means that giving them on-ramps to meaningful face-to-face experiences.
    • We help attach employees to the company vision, mission and culture.
    • We tie people to resources for hope, help and purpose in their personal and professional lives.
  2. Grow
    • We inspire people to want to grow as individuals.
    • We nurture people through mentorship relationships.
    • We help evolve and develop leaders to be sources of inspiration.
  3. Share
    • We share stories that inspire.
    • We encourage others to share.

The magic ingredient? Strategic Storytelling.

What is Strategic Storytelling?

Strategic Storytelling is storytelling for a specific objective or goal, shared on an effective delivery platform, and told in compelling manners. The power of story is well-documented.

A well-told, meaningful story has an unparalleled ability to inspire us to want to be and do more. The relationships we build around shared stories empower us to reach our goals. The resources we will connect people to equip them to achieve stunning results and fulfill their true potential, both as workers and as individuals.

The end result is a more inspired workforce. And the ROI to a company for a more inspired workforce? Immeasurable. Here are a few stats to help us envision what is possible.