The TRIBAL Community Strategy Guide Overview

Welcome to TRIBAL – we are so glad you are here! 

This is your definitive “how-to” resource to guide you through defining, creating, launching and supporting your own thriving tribe.  This guide is divided into 4 parts, with links below to help you navigate between them. First, let us answer some of your frequently asked questions. 


What is TRIBAL?

TRIBAL is a community-building platform for your group, organization, or team, an exclusive place to build relationships and share stories that are meaningful and inspiring for your Tribe! 

TRIBAL exists to connect people to a more meaningful life. We use strategic storytelling to connect people to resources and relationships that lead to hope, help and purpose.  To achieve this in your Tribe, this guide provides you with practical approaches to ensure your success! 


Who is TRIBAL for?

TRIBAL is for YOU! TRIBAL exists to help people find meaning, in their work and in their lives, and to foster an environment of hope and purpose.  TRIBAL is also about helping people make connections. 

For example, there may be a service you can provide, and you need a way to let people know. Or, you have a message of hope, help, or purpose and are looking for an audience to share it with. Maybe you are ready to change the trajectory of your company and culture by connecting your people with meaning and inspiration like they have never experienced before. TRIBAL is for anyone who has a story to tell and is looking for a way to make meaningful connections. There has never been a better time to deliver on hope, help, and purpose.


How Does TRIBAL Do?

TRIBAL uses strategic storytelling to help people connect, inspire and be inspired by each other, and bridge the gaps that lead to misunderstandings and feelings of isolation.  Strategic storytelling generates positive, audience-focused content that can strengthen culture, and decentralize leadership burdens, serving as powerful onramp to the resources that equip and relationships that empower.


What Does TRIBAL Deliver?

TRIBAL’s mobile platform provides anywhere, anytime access to empowering resources, rich with advice, insights and personal stories. 

These resources are more than just the stories that move people to action, They are also the people within your Tribe. Their authentic stories allow them to create authentic connections, creating a support network of members within your Tribe. 

Stories can also come from coaches, mentors, and HR professionals, and other experts within your Tribe who are uniquely situated to provide support and guidance to other members. Members can even provide inspiring messages and weekly communications to help your Tribe learn something new. 


How Does TRIBAL Work?

The ultimate goal of TRIBAL is to build relationships that empower.  TRIBAL’s features include a host of resources to help you build inclusive teams. My TRIBE  and Groups features allow employees to connect with mentors, friends, and coaches in the digital space, creating a path for deeper, face-to-face conversations later.  

Everyone in your Tribe has a profile that can and should be personalized with individual stories. This enables everyone in the Tribe to learn something unique or similar about each other. Learning about each other’s motivations, challenges, or triumphs helps build empathy and leads to acceptance within a Tribe.  Members begin to connect in meaningful ways that strengthen and empower them in their journey through life.  This happens regardless of the nature of the tribe (workplace, family, association).


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