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For as long as human cultures have existed, we’ve shared stories. Oral epics such as The Iliad have been passed down as stories through generations.

But how we share stories has changed. People no longer look towards village elders for advice or gather together to share stories. Instead, we’ve become trapped in cycles of social media validation. The stories we often share no longer have a purpose.

Breaking through the noise of social networking can be frustrating for a few reasons:

  1. Stories that bring hope, help and purpose often get lost in the noise of negativity and clickbait. This is at least partially our own fault. People tend to click on negative stories more than positive ones and media outlets respond by posting more negative stories.
  2. Social networks feed us stories through algorithms designed to keep us wanting more. Social media isn’t intended to satisfy us with complete stories; it’s designed to make us digital addicts.
  3. People – particularly young people – are substituting personal relationships with Facebook ‘likes’ or Instagram ‘hearts.’ A survey of millennials found that 22% feel as though they have no ‘real’ friends. It’s not hard to see the roles social media and an increasingly digital world play in that statistic.
  4. Many of us have become trapped in a cycle of ‘hustling’ or ‘grinding.’ We prioritize success and money over meaningful personal relationships. While there’s certainly a lot of factors that play into this behavior, it’s a vicious cycle that keeps people from building the social connections they need to thrive.

Humans are social animals. We thrive on interactions with others. We need a tribe to be a part of. We need a space where others can share their stories with us, and we can reciprocate in turn. These things – friends, family, community, stories – are what gives our lives meaning.

Tribal is a meaning network. It gives organizations the ability to build authentic relationships  from the top-down and the bottom-up. It’s a space where communities can come together and share stories. It’s a platform that allows humans to make real, authentic connections with one another.

Today’s workplaces — and the humans living and working within them — need it more than ever!

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash Thanks!

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 What Is Tribal?


TRIBAL is a relationship and community building platform that helps leaders build strong, inspired teams.


TRIBAL uses strategic storytelling to enable and enhance meaningful relationships across all levels of your organization. By leveraging the inherent tribal nature and impactful stories your organization has, TRIBAL helps leaders shape a meaningful culture from the top down and bottom up. Studies show that a meaningful workplace leads to inspired employees who outperform all others.

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