The TRIBAL Manifesto

It’s not social media, intercontinental travel or 5G service that connects us (as much as we may think it does). We don’t bond over spreadsheets and apps. It’s not money, grit or good looks that draw us to each other on any meaningful level. 

It’s our stories. 

For as long as humans have been humans, stories have been our central connecting fiber, as essential to our existence as the blood that courses through our veins. They strengthen bonds, forge our identity, and have literally kept us alive. Before we had Whole Foods and calendar alerts, stories told us where to hunt, what to eat, what not to eat, and how to behave by the rules of our tribe. They remind us that we are, in fact, a part of a tribe, part of a legacy — one worth preserving. Stories govern us. They are tools to help us bring important information to life, and a good one is an irresistible force. 

It’s not money, prestige or trust falls that build synergy in a group. It comes when there’s a connection to something outside of ourselves. The modern world can be a rational, materialistic place, but no good story ever started with the words, “The data shows…” People aren’t spurred to action by numbers no matter how compelling they seem to be. Teslas and bitcoin are cool, but today — as they always were — stories are still the most valuable currency. Unlike modern currency, stories are infinite, emotive, and they move us like nothing else can. 

Organizations that can harness the power of story have an unlimited ability to build understanding, community, commitment, and most importantly, inspiration among their ranks. Stories give intention meaning, and we’re here to help you tell them. 

TRIBAL helps connect you to your people, your people to each other, and it unites everyone under the shared values and vision of your organization. We create content that tells the story of your concern for their well-being and backs it up with the resources you’ve already invested in. We use a modern digital platform to take emotionless data, learning and science and embed it within the most ancient, sacred form of communication. We encourage individuals to connect within circles and to learn something about each other. With TRIBAL everyone can share their stories and learn how they overlap. 

And that’s where the real power lies. This mutual understanding is where hundreds of disparate voices and objectives give way to one purpose. This is where groups of strangers suddenly find themselves in service to one another and to a cause they can believe in. This is where the apathetic become advocates and organizations become tribes.