Diversity vs. Inclusion? Why Inclusion Is the Ultimate Goal

Welcoming diversity to the workplace is great, but being diverse and inclusive means also welcoming diverse perspectives, thoughts and voices and empowering team members to share without fearing repercussion. Creating a culture of inclusion, bringing diversity of thought to the table, and striving for equity over equality throughout an organization don’t happen overnight…

Why Leaders Are at War for the Hearts and Minds of Their People

In a world turned upside down by fear and uncertainty, leaders have to fight harder to overcome the controversial content that’s constantly distracting and distressing their employees, as well as the challenges of remote work environments and a growing distrust of their job security — and of their leadership. 

The Key to Meaningful Work: Feeling Essential

Ever wondered what the key to a meaningful life is? Feeling valued, being essential and having strong relationships build the foundation for meaningful lives and workplaces. Here’s how to achieve that.

Building Trust – The Bedrock of Team and Mission Success

According to surveys, only 1% of responding managers and employees said retreats and team-building are the most effective ways to build trust, and only 4% said thanking the team and giving recognition was most effective. So how can leaders build trust in organizations?

The Ultimate Team-building Platform Helps Leaders Inspire

Leaders go first — well, good ones do — so to ensure your team learns about your mission, your purpose or your intentions, start by telling your most meaningful story. Our goal is to help leaders INSPIRE people by connecting their employees to more meaningful work experience.