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“Modern employee-employer relationships are complicated. Leaders have to think about everything from culture to well-being to purpose and meaning—and make it all come to life in a personalized way for employees, both in person and through digital channels.”  – Ryan Pendell, Gallup Writer

This quote summarizes the challenges employers in today’s world are facing remarkably well.

In an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace, companies are looking at ways to gain the competitive advantage—to be a great, long-lasting company that leaves behind an unforgettable legacy.

But what can help make companies excel above their competition?

The answer is as simple and as complex as this — their employees.

A company’s employees are its’ number one asset, its’ number one competitive advantage and its’ number one success factor.

The longest-lasting and most impactful companies today are built on a foundation of inspired employees who truly find meaning and enjoyment in their work. Companies that lack this employee foundation will soon find themselves faced with the reality employees today need more from a job than pay or benefits.

The workers of today want to be a part of something genuinely meaningful, surrounded by great people who are on the mission with them. They will take pay cuts to do something they’re passionate about with people who share their passion. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, a survey of 2000 workers revealed that 90% would take a pay cut if it meant having a ‘meaningful’ job.

Make no mistake, companies will live and die by their employees. Are your employees inspired to be and give their most to your organization?

Companies that are productive, retain their employees long-term and recruit top talent are the companies who have highly engaged employees and great employee experiences.

But HOW can companies effectively engage their employees? Despite billions of dollars spent annually on employee engagement, corporations continue to grapple with the behemoth that is “Employee Engagement.” 

This obscure, hard-to-qualify, hard-to-measure, hard-to-define entity is composed of so many different elements that there could (and have been) hundreds of books, thousands of articles and hundreds of marketable “solutions” on the market.

Yet, nothing has moved the needle collectively. After 30 years of studying employee engagement, engagement levels continue to plummet and improvement remains non-existent —despite $74B spent annually on addressing this very subject. Currently, only 30% of employees identify themselves as ‘engaged,’ with 70% identifying as ‘disengaged’ and 20% identifying as ‘actively disengaged.’ As a result, companies are losing roughly $500 BN in lost work due to the low productivity and revenue that disengaged workers create. In fact, $11B is spent annually on turnover losses alone in America. These statistics aren’t indicative of an issue with employees – rather, they’re reflective of a systemic failure within companies to create meaningful workplaces that inspire and engage employees.

Ultimately, this all comes down to the leadership’s ability to INSPIRE their employees.

We believe that employee engagement levels are merely the symptom of a much bigger and more dangerous problem. Your people are struggling, whether you know it or now and whether they will tell you or not, under the weight of professional and personal demands. 

30% of Millennials report being lonely and isolated.

23% of Millennials say they have zero friends.

The long and short of it is that it’s harder than ever for people to find and build meaningful connections and relationships with other people. There are a number of factors that play into this – an age of overwhelming information that encourages people to isolate themselves behind computers and social media platforms not least among them – but the end result is the same: loneliness, isolation and a lack of meaning.

We believe that Tribal can allow your organization to transform your workplace into a space where your people can build meaningful relationships with one another – ultimately resulting in inspired employees who truly enjoy their work and are more productive and profitable as a result.

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 What Is Tribal?


TRIBAL is a relationship and community building platform that helps leaders build strong, inspired teams.


TRIBAL uses strategic storytelling to enable and enhance meaningful relationships across all levels of your organization. By leveraging the inherent tribal nature and impactful stories your organization has, TRIBAL helps leaders shape a meaningful culture from the top down and bottom up. Studies show that a meaningful workplace leads to inspired employees who outperform all others.

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