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Ready to launch a Tribe of your own?

Here’s how to prepare ahead to make sure your Tribe is successful, vibrant and aligned to your goals.

TRIBAL exists to connect people to more meaning in all areas of life. The platform encourages strategic storytelling to inspire meaning and create connections. TRIBAL helps you guide your Tribe to resources and relationships rich with hope, help and purpose. 

To successfully launch your TRIBE, use this guide to define your goals and intentions. First, understand your “Why.” Then, define how your Tribe is united in purpose or passion. Next, list out your champions. Who will support your Tribe as you launch and grow? Then, tell your own authentic, meaningful or inspiring story (leaders go first). And last, but not least, visualize your success by crafting a future vision of what your Tribe achieves at the end of one year. 


#1 Start with a Goal

Why are you creating your Tribe? Define your motivation or goal for creating your TRIBAL Tribe. Understanding your passion for your online Tribe will guide your actions forward, especially in the first year. 

To build a stronger, more inclusive or resilient community.
To re/connect [classmates, team members or our community volunteers] to each other through shared stories and experiences.
To provide my organization, team, employees with a platform where they can have a voice and support each other.



#2 Know Your Tribe

2a: What is your Tribe’s Collective Passion? Choose your community’s reason for participating, their goal for being part of this Tribe. Step 1 covers your reasons for creating a community, a Collective Passion is why your members will join and participate in your Tribe. Here’s your chance to create your Collective Passion sentence:

We believe… we support… we want to achieve _________________________ …

(*pro tip: to ensure your understanding of your Tribe aligns with others, speak with several of your close friends or colleagues to see if your “Collective passion” is compelling. How can you improve it now or in the future?)

2b: Who do you believe will join first? Who will follow? You will need champions. Define your ideal members who will be the most motivated to join your Tribe now. To refine your ideal member, start by speaking to a handful of people who you believe will actively serve in your Tribe. These initial individuals will be part of your leadership team, helping to promote to others.



#3 Go First

3: What’s your story? Use your own story to support why you’re creating a Tribe.  Share your Passion through your story. Your own story is an important part of setting up your Tribe for success. It’s not just about your years of experience or particular area of expertise; it’s about how you discovered your own Passion and why this matters to you. 

(*pro tip: don’t worry if you are not a natural writer or professional storyteller. This is your story and what matters most is your willingness to share something personal and meaningful; this example will encourage others to do the same when they join the Tribe. And, TRIBAL offers content, support and lots of advice on how to tell impactful stories. As we say here at TRIBAL, “Don’t let perfection become the enemy of good.”)



#4 Vision For The Future

4: What will your Tribe look like in a year? Think about what you want your Tribe to deliver to its members. Look out 12 months and write down “a year in the life” of your community. Capture what you want your Tribe to deliver to each other throughout the year.  Who has it helped and how can it be better? 



Tips For Success:


We Help You Help Your Tribe

TRIBAL will help you get started as you begin your new Tribe and be with you all the way!

TRIBAL provides content to get you started. TRIBAL provides all Tribes with access to TRIBAL Premium content. The TRIBAL Premium content helps to ensure your Tribe has robust resources available immediately to help establish curiosity and participation in sharing meaningful, inspiring stories.

TRIBAL also offers Custom Content creation services. We can help your Tribe share meaningful stories with Strategic Storytelling services. We can help leaders in your Tribe create their own content through Ghostwriting services. We can also help you manage/engage your Tribe with Community Management services.

TRIBAL’s Customer Success Team is an extended part of your Tribe. It’s our mission to provide your Tribe with everything you need to reach your goals and achieve your “why.” Your success means everything to us. From admin to tech support to strategic insights or friendly advice, we are on this journey with you. You can reach us with your questions at [email protected]