Science and Engineering Services, LLC (SES) knows how important it is to be cutting edge. SES is at the forefront of technology in applying comprehensive research, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to emerging areas. As a recognized leader in system modification, integration, and training of rotary wing, fixed wing, and unmanned aircraft, they stand by their commitment to employ a global reach with a personal touch.

This high standard of excellence is the foundation for how they lead their employees. While SES excels in fostering community by providing opportunities for their people to participate in culture-building events, there was no consistent way to update them on company news or leader announcements, and no quick way to notify them in case of emergency. Tools such as email, intranet portals, and standard communication channels were not working. SES was determined to strengthen their culture by connecting their people to each other, and they knew they needed to find a way to help leaders disseminate valuable information to their people.

Anglier Baker, VP of Contracts and leader of SES’s Employee Morale Recreation Committee (EMRC) championed TRIBAL to help their distributed and diverse teams build relationships and team effectiveness. Employee voice was equally important in her choice, and TRIBAL was the perfect solution.

As Adoption Grows, So Does the Reach

TRIBAL offers a real time company news source with relevant, inspirational content, allowing all employees to connect and get to know each other through their unique voices. Because TRIBAL is both a top-down and bottom-up solution, it provides leaders with a platform to share meaningful company content while at the same time allowing employees at all levels of the organization to contribute content that is meaningful to them personally. This ensures the solution is accessible, unifying, and significant.

The SES selection and deployment of TRIBAL launched in early 2020, and since its adoption, Anglier is especially pleased with the inspirational, TRIBAL-generated, employee stories: “We’re excited about TRIBAL and its ability to help connect everyone on our team through our stories. We’ve learned if we know each other better, we can support one another as we learn and grow together. We are linked in a way that we care more about giving our best for our team, company, and customers! And TRIBAL is helping us do this every day!”

TRIBAL is supported by executive leadership, including Ralph Pallotta, COO of SES, who says, “With the app, we are able to reach the entire organization, including employees who do not have other forms of access. We’re fortunate to have TRIBAL at our disposal.”

Additionally, it’s important to point out that SES adopted TRIBAL pre-COVID crisis. Because of the virus they are working extra hard to communicate to concerned employees during this very uncertain time, and TRIBAL has proven to be an essential tool to reach everyone.

Ralph Pallotta has so much information flying in and through him during this crisis, he sees TRIBAL is the best way he can get that information out to his people quickly. Many of the SES employees don’t have SES emails to share news with one another, so they resort to posting things on the bulletin board, things they don’t read; this is an approach that doesn’t work when employees are dispersed. Having the TRIBAL app on personal devices and phones has become an essential lifeline, and having those notifications pop up, he says, “That’s the way to go!” Ralph says, “I’m very glad we got TRIBAL when we did.”  He wants to post something important every day on TRIBAL and hear employees say, “Where did you hear that?” and hear others reply, “On TRIBAL. You need to access the app.”

So, for leaders like Ralph, TRIBAL truly is going to be the information dissemination tool they’ve been looking for. 

Challenges (and Opportunities) SES Needed to Support:

  • 50% of SES employees are veterans
  • SES struggles to reach all employees through typical communication channels (many employees do not have SES emails and miss important information)
  • High standards for training
  • Emphasis on innovation

SES Goals for TRIBAL Implementation:

  • Reach all employees on personal devices for accessibility
  • Need to unite teams in a common purpose
  • Connect employees to meaningful communications
  • Ensure everyone has a voice and access to share their stories

SES Results With TRIBAL:

  • Rolling out to ~1000 employees
  • 100s of leader and employee stories shared
  • Executive leadership is highly-active, utilizing TRIBAL to communicate and share vital information with employees during the government- mandated shutdown
  • Improved opportunity for connections between individuals, teams, and leaders during COVID-19 crisis


Science & Engineering Services, Inc.



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