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Definition: the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

All one can truly be aware of is their own mind. 

It’s a fundamental truth that, on some level, we all understand. The only first-hand experience of the world we can ever achieve is our own. We may be aware of other people, but we can never really know what it’s like to be another person. 

For business leaders, that can be challenging. 

Businesses are born out of visions. At the heart of every business – yes, even multi-billion dollar corporations with boards and shareholders – is a vision. Frequently, those visions are the result of one or two people who have an idea and want to change the world. 

There’s a reason so many CEOs refer to their business as ‘their baby.’ To most company founders, their business isn’t just a job or a way to generate revenue. It’s an idea, a vision that they’ve cared for and nurtured over countless sleepless nights and 100-hour workweeks. It’s an entity that has, at times, consumed their life and engendered resentment or doubt. It’s a culminating moment of success born in countless setbacks and failures. 

Your employees probably don’t care about any of that. When we write ‘probably,’ we mean ‘almost certainly.’ 

It’s not because they don’t respect you or your work ethic. It’s not because they don’t believe in your company or your abilities as a leader. 

It’s because they’re not you. 

There’s no way your employees can ever truly know what it was like to build your business. Even if they  created their own enterprises, they wouldn’t have the same experience. 

Fundamentally, we all care more about our stories than anyone else’s. That’s not to say we all lack empathy or altruism, but we simply can’t be the ‘main character’ of other’s stories the way we can our own. 

So here’s the question for business leaders: how do you make employees care about your vision? 

Some leaders have figured this out. Most haven’t. According to research from Gallup, only 41% of employees know what makes their business different than their competitors. 

Fortunately, the answer to that question is simple: you make your business part of your employee’s story. 

If your vision and story align or overlap with the stories of your employees, you’ll be able to create a community around two shared elements: your vision and your enterprise. 

Here at TRIBAL, we connect people through stories. We provide the tools that enterprises need to weave the stories of employees and leaders into one cohesive, authentic tribe. 

In other words, we don’t just give our clients a storytelling platform. We give them the key to unlock meaningful work for their employees through communities that revolve around a shared vision. 

Your vision. 

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 What Is TRIBAL?


TRIBAL is a relationship and community building platform that helps leaders build strong, inspired teams.


TRIBAL uses strategic storytelling to enable and enhance meaningful relationships across all levels of your organization. By leveraging the inherent tribal nature and impactful stories your organization has, TRIBAL helps leaders shape a meaningful culture from the top down and bottom up. Studies show that a meaningful workplace leads to inspired employees who outperform all others.

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