Case Story: REV as a Community for Families

Laurie has watched REV groups, members and conversations grow into an incredible community with diverse interests and goals, but similar values and struggles. While her Rafferty Kids group is a place where she and her family can share familiar stories and reunite online, Laurie is equally excited about the relationships that are being formed within REV but continue outside the platform.

Diversity vs. Inclusion? Why Inclusion Is the Ultimate Goal

Welcoming diversity to the workplace is great, but being diverse and inclusive means also welcoming diverse perspectives, thoughts and voices and empowering team members to share without fearing repercussion. Creating a culture of inclusion, bringing diversity of thought to the table, and striving for equity over equality throughout an organization don’t happen overnight…

Why Leaders Are at War for the Hearts and Minds of Their People

In a world turned upside down by fear and uncertainty, leaders have to fight harder to overcome the controversial content that’s constantly distracting and distressing their employees, as well as the challenges of remote work environments and a growing distrust of their job security — and of their leadership.