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Meaningful Connection Powers Everything You Want to Achieve

Build and strengthen organizational culture from the
top down, bottom up, and inside out.


At REV, we combine world-class leadership development, coaching and training with the power of a dedicated platform and support services to help leaders connect with, develop and inspire their people in meaningful, effective and scalable ways. We create teams that stay together and outperform all others.

UpSkilling Leaders

Specialized training and development for leaders in building Meaningful Connection in the digital age

Connection Tools

Platforms that serve as force multipliers to help leaders build scalable & sustainable organizations

Connection Services

Custom services that help busy leaders and teams effectively build meaningful relationships with those they lead and serve


Leadership Coaching

Ongoing coaching, mentorship and counsel for helping leaders navigate culture change big and small.

Connection Training for Leaders

Teaching leaders how to connect with their people in the “Attention Economy” by laveraging the power of strategic stortelling and digital community building.

PLUS One Leadership Development

PLUS One Leaders are next-level Servant Leaders. REV helps leaders build leaders that inspire at all levels.


The Meaning Network

Surround your people with inspiring content and community. Our platform helps to make your connections scalable. Native iOS & Android App in addition to browser platform.

The PLUS One Movement

Get your people focused on a common mission of positive impact on a daily basis. The small things add up to an inspired team.


Strategic Storytelling Services

Many teams lack the time, knowledge or abilities to execute Strategic Storylelling in ways that lead to systemic, scalable and sustainable resutls. REV helps you build and execute your customized Strategic Storielling plan.

Digital Community Building Services

REV helps leaders execute effective engagement principles and strategies that drive the digital experiences that lead to real-life community.

Relationship Building Events

Experience the power of vulnerability and authenticity to build unparallaled levels of trust, transparency in your team.

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