This Discovery Guide is designed to help us understand your organizational background, your vision for the future of your organization, the people and pillars of your organization, how you currently measure elements of your organizational performance, and finally, what you’ve invested in for your leaders and people. Your input will be invaluable in identifying the right approach and stakeholders as we embark on this journey together.


    • Be Thorough: Please provide as much detail as possible. Do not be afraid to put too much information down. We will work to refine the information gathered as we prepare your Meaningful Connection Strategic Plan.
    • Honesty Over Perfection: It’s completely okay if you don’t have all the answers. Sometimes an educated guess is all you need to begin. This process is iterative and adapts as new insights and information emerge.
    • Openness to Adaptation: Understand that plans evolve. You’ll find that as you progress, your plan will need tweaking. That’s not only normal but expected.
    • Data Entry: Some sections ask for specific data or documents. If applicable, you will have the option to upload files in PDF format.

Words of Encouragement

This is the beginning of a transformative journey that takes persistence and small, consistent steps to bring about substantial change. 

Remember, REV is your steadfast companion on this journey. We are here to guide and support you as you make these meaningful connections within your organization.

Let’s get started on this exciting path together. Your dedication to meaningful connection starts here, and it has the power to revolutionize your organization.