REV is looking for leaders of character and courage who want to proactively work toward making a positive impact in the world through the PLUS One Movement. We call these people, “Movement Makers.”

Our Programs will be launching soon. Applications and greater detail will be added very soon.

Movement Maker Roles

Story Warriors

Sharing your life experiences can encourage others to know they are not alone. Stories uplift hearts and inspire honest conversations. It’s easy to get started today as a Story Warrior!


Mentors play a huge role in developing leaders on REV.  If you are someone who is able to mentor up-and-coming leaders, we invite you to apply. We have the tools to train and support you as a mentor.

Group Leaders

Group leaders are the backbone of the REV Platform and fuel the PLUS One Movement. We are looking for leaders who are willing to lead thriving and engaging groups on REV. 


Ambassadors are leaders who use their influence to share wisdom and inspire the people around them. You don’t have to be famous to apply for our Ambassador Program. REV is looking for applicants to share stories and inspire positive impact to bring out the good in others.