Meaningful Connection Assessment

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Meaningful Connection Assessment

Confidentiality Assurance: Your individual responses are confidential. We will provide only cumulative results to your leadership to ensure anonymity. In cases of limited responses that risk identification, results will be withheld.

Introduction: This survey is designed to quickly capture your feelings of connection and community at work. Your honest feedback will help us enhance our environment to support meaningful interactions and relationships. Please indicate how often each statement applies to you.

Row I feel in tune and can easily relate to the people around me, including my team and broader community.
I have meaningful relationships in my life, feeling supported and understood by friends and colleagues.
I am actively involved and feel a sense of belonging in my community and social groups, including at work.
I feel valued and appreciated; my relationships are trustworthy and fulfilling both personally and professionally.
My social interactions are positive and enrich my personal and professional life.
I have access to and am aware of resources for personal and professional growth, and feel encouraged to utilize them.
I feel equipped to navigate conflicts in relationships with understanding and feel that disagreements are handled well.
My leadership effectively fosters a culture of open communication, recognition, and mutual support.
I feel that my use of technology (including social media and digital tools at work) enhances my connections without causing stress or distraction.

Thank you for taking the time to reflect on these important aspects of our workplace environment. Your insights are invaluable in our continued effort to foster a culture of meaningful connection.

Introduction: Welcome to our Comprehensive Well-being and Engagement Survey. Your participation is crucial in helping us understand and support your overall well-being, resilience, and engagement. This survey covers various aspects of your professional and personal life, and we ask for your honest and thoughtful reflections. Your responses are completely confidential and will play a significant role in guiding meaningful changes and enhancements in our workplace. Please remember, there are no right or wrong answers here — only your true experiences and feelings.

Instructions: For each statement, please rate from 1 to 10, where 1 means the statement doesn't apply to you at all, and 10 means it fully represents your experience. Feel free to use the entire range to reflect subtle differences in your experiences.

Rate your overall zest for life:
Rate your effectiveness in managing stress and maintaining healthy relationships:
Rate your continual learning and intellectual stimulation:
Rate your physical health and well-being:
Rate the strength of your belonging and support in social circles:
Rate how well your life aligns with your sense of purpose or values:
Rate your professional satisfaction and alignment with organizational goals:
Rate your confidence in managing finances effectively:
Rate your readiness to overcome challenges and adapt to change:
Rate the meaningfulness and supportiveness of your relationships in personal and professional life:
Rate your ability and willingness to actively engage in your roles:

Thank you for your valuable insights. Your honest feedback is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement and commitment to fostering a positive and supportive workplace. We are dedicated to understanding and enhancing every team member's well-being and engagement, and your participation is integral to this mission.

Introduction: As an integral part of our team, your unique perspective as both a leader and a team member is vital. This survey aims to assess and enhance our organizational culture, team dynamics, and leadership effectiveness from a holistic standpoint. Your insights will guide us in strengthening our collective leadership and collaboration.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
I effectively communicate goals, foster open communication, and lead by example in aligning with the organization's values.
As a leader, I cultivate trust and transparency, and as a team member, I feel trust and openness within my team.
I actively contribute to and promote an inclusive and respectful environment, recognizing diverse perspectives and strengths.
I collaborate effectively, encourage team synergy, and ensure open lines of communication both as a leader and a team member.
I understand, communicate, and connect with our shared vision and purpose, inspiring and guiding the team towards our goals.
I champion and engage in continuous learning and development, providing and seeking opportunities for growth.
I prioritize and advocate for team well-being and work-life balance, understanding its importance for myself and my team.
I acknowledge and celebrate achievements, and I am receptive to giving and receiving constructive feedback.
I contribute to a positive team morale and foster a supportive environment where members are motivated and engaged.
I consistently align my actions with organizational values and seek to instill these values within the team.
I am responsive to team needs, feedback, and am committed to continuous improvement in my leadership and as a team member.

Your dual role as a leader and a team member is essential to our collective success. We value your time and insights in completing this survey. Your feedback will directly contribute to our ongoing efforts to cultivate a supportive, high-performing, and cohesive work environment.