Created for the Boeing team

REV is working to help leaders build Meaningful Connection with those they love, lead and serve.

We believe that Meaningful Connection powers everything you want to achieve with your team.

We define Meaningful Connection as the following:

  • Connecting people in meaningful ways with each other, with leadership and with the organization resulting in increased trust, respect, empathy and care.
  • Connecting people to practical and relevant resources for hope, help and purpose — personally and professionally.
  • Connecting people to opportunities for growth and positive impact as individuals.

We had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing a bit about how you’re currently working to build connection with your people, your hopes for the impact of the work that you’re about to do with REV, and your potential areas of concern. As promised, we are sending this intake form to you as an opportunity for you to share additional insights after you’ve had time to process.


Your answers to the following questions will help us understand in greater detail the following:

  • How REV can come alongside you and your team as a complementary tool to help you reach your specific people objectives.
  • Developing an aggregate picture of where your organization currently sits in terms of Meaningful Connection. This will help us develop strategic plans and measure progress towards achieving your leadership’s goals of building an organization with a higher capacity to connect and engage in the workplace.
  • Your specific answers will not be shared with your leadership. We will use this information to provide an aggregate situational overview to senior leaders regarding Meaningful Connection.