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Making Life Meaningful, One Story At A Time

We believe that stories inspire, resources equip and relationships empower. If we help people develop meaningful connections based on shared stories, we move them towards meaningful actions that will improve our communities, countries and world—one story at a time. 

The Ultimate Team-building Platform Helps Leaders Inspire

Leaders go first — well, good ones do — so to ensure your team learns about your mission, your purpose or your intentions, start by telling your most meaningful story. Our goal is to help leaders INSPIRE people by connecting their employees to more meaningful work experience.

What is a Story Warrior?

Story Warriors have one goal in mind: peace. Not just victory over an enemy, but peace for the oppressed. Sharing stories is an act of war against threats, but it’s really an act of peace FOR people.

Story Warriors Tear Down Walls

The Berlin Wall physically separated people in Germany, but today there are many invisible barriers that separate us. These barriers — like stereotypes, hatred, assumptions, addictions, fear, differences of beliefs, miscommunications and misunderstandings — keep people from each other. 

Story Warriors Know High Risk and High Reward

Stories are a mediator of truth and honesty between people. Stories demolish stereotypes and misunderstandings. Stories show each other we really have more in common than we first thought. 

What is Strategic Storytelling – How to Write a Strategic Story

The REV platform utilizes strategic storytelling to inspire meaning and create connections.  What exactly is strategic storytelling? We know humans connect through stories.  A good story can increase cortisol levels, strengthening our ability to concentrate, and oxytocin, making us feel we can trust and bond with the storyteller…

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