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Defining Excellence at AvMC

As we strive to accelerate a culture of excellence at AvMC, we are redefining what it means to be part of the AvMC team. This journey starts with the AvMC Creed, which aligns our pursuit of excellence with foundational Army values, using insights from recent workshops and DeOCS analysis.

Purpose of the AvMC Creed

The AvMC Creed is intended to serve as a guiding framework for our organization, aligning our daily actions and decisions with our overarching mission and cultural objectives. It is designed not only to reflect Army values but also to actively promote a Culture of Excellence within AvMC.

Your Input is Critical

Dr. Kirsch personally invites you to contribute to this pivotal initiative. Your perspectives are crucial as we refine this creed to embody our collective ethos and aspirations.

AvMC Creed

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